It has been a while.. so some kissing is in order


We went to the zoo last Saturday (May 20). As we live in Rotterdam, we went to Blijdorp. One of my favorite animals is the giraffe.. of course I manipulated the background (deleted some bushes and trees).

They look so cute!


A Viking


My artwork involving tv series and ‘famous peeps’, I tend to upload on my redbubble site so you can enjoy them close to your heart, when tapping away on your tablet or phone, or even on your couch or strapped to your back¬†;-).

This artwork speaks for itself I think, but if you do not recognise him: Ragnar Lothbrok from the series Vikings. Oh, I do love me some fierce warrior :-).


Serene and strong willed

Bree Voyager.png

As the production of Voyager is apparently on it’s way to film abroad¬†(Jamaica? South America?) I ponder how Brianna (Sophie Skelton)¬†will be portrayed as she encounters that darn pirate Stephen Bonnet. A joung woman with a truly gifted hand (drawings and paintings) I envision her with a serene spirit and a strong will (a trait both her parents have).