Snow in the Lowlands

Having snow isn’t common in our little country; at least not in the last couple of years, global warming and all.. So we make the most of it.. for 2 days 😉


Chasing snow


Our American Stafford; photo shot in Czech Republic in 2009. He was 7 then. A total lunatic in the snow ;-). He’s an old one now, having arthritis, almost deaf and losing weight. But the heart still beats strong, despite his heart murmur. Hope he will make 15 on December 29.

Fotomanips (Dordogne)


I really took a lot of photographs during our summer vacation in the Périgord region in the Dordogne, France. Some gave me ideas to do something extra, like add some birds and make it ‘old’ or add a ‘derriere’ to my girl 😉 and make it look like she’s on the beach taking a sneaky peek lol when in reality those cabins were in a park in Perigueux.