This is Rosalie. One of my daughter’s  friends. Wanted to do a portrait for her birthday in May.



One day book cover? I wish!

What if Diana Gabaldon decides that a fan is rewarded with a ONE day publication with HIS/HER cover of her last book in the Outlander series on all the digital platforms where you can purchase the E-book. That would be a dream come true.

By the way: I like the title dear writer. Did I give you an idea?

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The waiting game of Jamie

In the third book of the Outlander series (Voyager, AND my favorite thus far) Claire comes back through the stones after more than two decades living her life with Frank. What happened to Jamie in those years..

My interpretation of a moment during that period as Jamie looks out over de sea at Dunnottar castle..a green scarf hooked on an antler..blowing in the wind..

Jamie at sea


Ah yes..history and French etiquette

Diana Gabaldon did tremendous re. her research on the era Claire arrives through the stones in Scotland some 300 years in history. As the wife of a historian she has knowledge of the battle that will occur in Scotland during the ‘clan wars’. The showrunner of the hit tv series (even as an adaptation to the novel[s] ) stays true to the historical facts in every aspect. Trying to capture this in a single art piece is a challenge but so much fun.

The work on the right with the expanding (and famous) red dress is for me personally an enumeration of their tiptoeing at the French political court and the Scot clans fighting for their independance from the English. It’s also available in my Redbubble store in a high resolution format with a b/w background.

The Lord and the Lady from Scotland

Some Outlander artwork. I absolutely adore the (love) story of Jamie (Fraser) and Claire (Beauchamp) as written in the novels by Diana Gabaldon. I couldn’t contain my giddiness as it was announced that a tv series would be made. Season 2 (2016) is so different from the first season as it is partially situated in France (French court) during the reign of Louis XIV instead of the late 1800’s in Scotland. The visuals are mind blowing and the details in the costumes (costume designer Terry Dresbach) blow me away.

All pieces are made in 2016 and some I sell on my Redbubble site. Check it out.

The BatB effect

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Some of the designs I made to support and help the #JDRF* T-shirt campaign early Summer 2015 as part of the #FADT design team. All revenu from the sales are continously donated to JDRF. See all the designs on Facebook: or go directly to the teepublic site for purchase:

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